By: Farid Tanha , Date:11/07/2015
PARAKH (Pajhwok): Some residents of central Panjshir province say despite initial optimism the provincial council has failed to deliver on promises and render satisfactory services. The result from the April 5 prov... Read More
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PARAKH (Pajhwok): Residents of central Panjsher province on Monday urged the new president to help eliminate administrative graft, ensure security and remove ethnic and linguistic rifts among the people. The first... Read More

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PARAKH (PAN): Most of Panjshir residents are though government employees, a number of people are associated with the occupation of agriculture, trade and business of precious stones.   
The province has lack of cultivable land but most of the families are associated with the occupation of agriculture and farmland.

PARAKH (PAN): Residents of Panjsher have expressed satisfaction in line with the security situation in the province with authorities of the region have vowed miscreants would not be allowed to sabotage the peace of the province.  
Shah Mohammad, a resident of Ababa district while expressing satisfaction over the improved law and order situation in his district, said that residents of his area move freely without any fear of security or threat from the militants.

PARAKH (PAN): Though Panjshir has witnessed completion of some development projects during the last decade but residents complained some direly needed projects could not be completed in parts of the province.
Bridges, culverts and protecting walls of rivers and canals had been built and the constructions of some water-channels were among the implemented projects in the province, they added.

CHARIKAR (PAN): Officials said Panjsher education witnessed some sort of development but said more efforts were needed to put the education sector back on track in the province.
Abdul Muteem Halimi, head of education department told Pajhwok Afghan News the province had a total of 150 schools out of which 50 are high, 45 intermediate and the rests are primary schools.

PARAKH (PAN): People of Panjsher expressed optimism to actively participate in the upcoming elections but they urged the upcoming president to focus to resolve the pressing security and unemployment issues.
Panjsher is among the central provinces of Afghanistan having nine provincial council members with three of them female representatives.
Following report contains opinions of local residents in line with the upcoming elections.
Shopkeeper: We want the government to bolster investment in various sectors.

PARAKH (PAN): Residents of Panjsher province complain about the dilapidated condition of roads and poor health facilities in the region.
Dr. Ajmal, a resident of Rokhi district told Pajhwok Afghan News Panjsher had a mountainous terrain, creating immense hurdles for residents to move between districts and provincial capital.
The far-flung areas of the province were deprived of basic health facilities, he added.

PARAKH (PAN): Demanding creation of more employment opportunities, residents of the volatile Panjsher said enhanced jobs’ prospects would level ground for bolstering security and education elsewhere in the province. 
However, people of various districts had their different demands but most of them urged the government should explore working opportunities for the people, which would help ensure easy access to education.

1-      Khorasan Radio:
Khorasan Radio was launched in Panjsher province the Internews Organization in 2007. Its publication starts from 5: 00 am till 10: 00 pm, covering Shata, Anaba, Rokha and Bazarak districts. Khorasan Radio has 22 employees with Ruhullah Yusafi is its managing director.
Contacts: 0700158115
 2. Panjsher Dwo Weekly Newspaper:

1.      Panjsher Women Society:
The Panjsher Women Society was established in 2010. The society had been striving to create awareness among women folk and to help resolve their problems. Humaira is heading the society.
Contact: 0707090184.
2.      Social Association of Panjshir Vallley
The vibrant association was set up in 2007. It had been working to help expands social activities and promote women rights and create awareness among them about their rights.


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برخى باشنده هاى پنجشير از کارکرد شوراى ولايتى رضايت ندارند
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