By: Bakhtar Safi , Date:18/08/2015
MAHMODRAQI (Pajhwok): The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has opened its branch for the first time in central Kapisa province which would help resolve problems of businessmen there, an official s... Read More
By: Bakhtar Safi , Date:02/07/2015
MAHMOOD RAQI (Pajhwok): Construction work on three roads has been initiated in first Kohistan district in central Kapisa, which would be completed with a cost of $12 million, an official said on Thursday. Abdul Fat... Read More
By: Bakhtar Safi , Date:13/06/2015
MAHMOOD RAQI/CHARIKAR (Pajhwok): Newly-appointed governors for central Kapisa and Parwan provinces assumed office on Saturday, officials said. An introduction ceremony for the Kapisa governor was held in Mahmood Ra... Read More

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MAHMUD RAQI (PAN): Eight suicide attackers and a soldier were killed in a fierce clash with security personnel in the Tagab district of central Kapisa province on Monday morning, officials said.
The firefight erupted after a group of suicide bombers detonated an explosives-laden vehicle near a joint base of the Afghan army and local police in Jalokhel area at 6am.

CHARIKAR (PAN): Four policemen were killed in a roadside bombing in the Hesa-i-Dom district of central Kapisa province on Monday, an official said.
The officers were killed at 6am when they the vehicle they were they were travelling in struck the bomb, police spokesman Col. Humayun Rashidi told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Mahmud-i-Raq (PAN): People of volatile Kapisa complain of economic woes, joblessness, administrative corruption and weak writ of the government.
They said a matter of concern for the people is that they confront unavailability of electricity. The sinking quality of education, absence of a proper market for agriculture products, shortage of irrigation water and a host of other problems paralyzed the lives of the people.

Mahmud-i-Raqi (PAN): The people of Kapisa demand the government to take stringent measures to restore order and launch offensive against anti-state elements to purge the area of miscreants.
People want their government to deliver efficiently in every sector of life but their main demand from the authorities is bolstered security and creation of job opportunities.  
Yahya Rahi, a professor at Al Bairuni University and resident of Kapisa capital said the government should prioritize to tighten security.  

Mahmud-i-Raqi (PAN): People of Kapisa demand the government to create job opportunities and bolster security in restive Taghab and Alasai districts.   
Having five administrative units, Kapisa is located 120 kilometers toward north of Kabul.
Khan Mohammad, a local and an employee of agriculture department noted administrative corruption is one of the main problems being confronted by the people.
Because of administrative corruption, which encourages insecurity, his brother among ten other candidates could not find jobs.

MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Officials express optimism by saying that development activities are going ahead with some sectors in central Kapisa province witnessed enormous development.
Governor Gen. Mihrabudin Sapai told Pajhwok Afghan News that projects worth $96 million have been implemented in education, agriculture, and health sectors with some roads have also been constructed.
Noting with satisfaction, he said that construction work on as many as 50 small water dams are underway, which would help resolve multi-dimensional problems of the residents.

Mahmud-i-Raqi (PAN): Kapisa education officials said much have been done to push ahead the education sector in the province but the crucial sector still faces hurdles and challenges.
Abdul Zahoor Hakim, head of Kapisa education department said the outgoing and the first half of the current year saw implementation of large scale projects in education sector. 
Buildings for a number of schools were built last year, he said, adding agriculture universities and teachers training institutes were constructed elsewhere in the province.


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Provincial Council

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