By: Qutbuddin Kohi , Date:07/10/2018
MAIMANA (Pajhwok): A number of women in northwestern Faryab province say insecurity impeded their participation in the voter registration process and nomination for Wolesi Jirgaand distric... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:19/10/2015
MAIMANA (Pajhwok): Taliban insurgents on Monday held captive the police chief for Ghormach in northern Faryab province along with some of his men, a local official said. Speaking on condition of anonymity,... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:08/10/2015
MAIMANA (Pajhwok): Taliban militants captured the Gorzaiwan district of northern Faryab province on Thursday afternoon, a public representative said. Sayed Abdul Baqi Hashemi, the provincial council head,... Read More

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MAIMANA (PAN): Faryab local authorities said slow-paced construction work on some projects was a matter of concern for the people of the province despite the fact that reconstruction of some projects including dams and roads had been implemented.
Faryab Governor Mohammadullah Batash said extension of Turkmenistan electricity line to Maimana city and some other districts were among important projects, which helped benefited thousands of families.

MAIMANA (PAN): The vital education sector in Faryab faces a number of challenges including lack of schools’ buildings, professional teachers and problems of timely distribution of textbooks among students of the province. 
Locals identified lack of transportation for teachers and students was also among the major problems being faced by the vital sector for years.
Ahmadullah Arab, head of Faryab education department said people of his province had great love for education and willingly send their kids to schools.

MAIMANA (PAN): The economy of Faryab people mainly depends on agriculture, livestock and carpets’ weaving industry and the people seek government cooperation to develop the vital sectors.  
The people of Faryab still face formidable challenges in different areas. The province shares border with Turkmenistan.

Majority of Faryab people have expressed resolve to take part in elections but demanded measures should be taken to reverse the growing insecurity and trend of unemployment in the province.
Faryab comprised 14 districts and located 800- kilometers north of Kabul. The province has 15 provincial council seats with four are reserved for females.
As many as 70 % area of Ghormach district, separated from Badghis Province, added to Faryab, which was controlled by Taliban.

MAIMANA (PAN): People of Faryab province complained about growing insecurity, smuggling, sale and use of narcotics, rampant corruption and unemployment.
Faizullah, a resident of Faryab said people of the province could not go outside of their district because of lawlessness and insecurity.

MAIMANA (PAN): People of the volatile Faryab demand the government to maintain security, accelerate reconstruction, establish industries and ensure provision of drinking water elsewhere in the province.
Provincial Secretary Sayyed Abdul Baqi Hashimi said the prime demand of the residents was security and enhanced law and order in the province.
He said parts of Qaisar, Almar and Pashtunkot districts were experiencing insecurity in the wake of heavy presence of armed groups, adding that reconstruction process Almar district was just crawling because of lawlessness.

1.      National TV:
The Faryab National TV started broadcasting programs on channel 10, frequency 210.25 in 1988.
During its early days, the channel just covered Maimana city and its surroundings but following collapse of Dr. Najibullah government in the beginning of 1991, its transmitter was transferred to a height to the east of Maimana City by General Rasool Pahlawan, National Movement Deputy.

1.      Faryab Civil Society Entities Network:
The network comprised four civil society entities established in June 2012. Its board of members includes as many as 23 individuals. Ms Farrukh Laiqa Unchi Zada heads the national and intentional relations while Dr. Mohammad Maroof Samar is responsible for internal relations of the network.
Contact: 0799455007
2.      Zahir Faryabi Socio-Cultural Foundation:

15 – Syed Mohammad Khalid Hashmi:
Elected Senator:
Son of Sayed Abdul Wahab, Syed Mohammad Khalid Hashmi was born in Afghan Kot area of Maimana city of northern Faryab province in 1966. He completed his high school studies and then started studying faculty of political sciences. He has his own private business. He served as member of provincial council.
Contacts: 0798279797, 0799197771
16 – Syed Farukh Shah “Junab Faryabi”:
Elected Senator:

Of a total 15 provincial council members in Faryab province, 11 of them are fresh faces.
1- Mohammad Arif:
Mohammad Arif Son of Abdul Momin, Mohammad Arif was born in 1983 in Maimana. He studied English Literature and had his private business. He was an independent candidate for provincial council.
Contact: 0799251522
2- Mohammad Sami Khaerkhwa:


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