Humayun Sharifi, a mason and resident of Herat, says: “I find job some days in a week. I earn bread for my family after great difficulty. Do not I have the right to live a normal life like other people?” What will be your economic policy? How will you bridge economic gap among various classes? How will you implement your economic plans?
We plan to extend a national economic strategy which will help curb unemployment through developing economic institutions in the country. We have plans to develop basic infrastructure projects with national consensus in a move to generate economic opportunitiesin the country, said Abdullah.
9. Economic policy: Backing domestic productions and levy taxes on imported materials will help encourage Afghan investors. - Provision of interests’ free loans for investors invested in the manufacturing sector. - Decrease of poverty through national facilitations and international assistance. - Exemption of customs from importing manufacturing machineries. - Renovation and reform of custom system. - Distribution of land and electricity to investors. - Eradication of illegal and mafia based economy. - Simplification of process of getting license and investment. - Making attempts to get membership of World Trade Organization and - Exemption of customs for Afghan export items.
: Ashraf Ghani said political and economic development was linked to stability in the country. He promisessteps to develop following sectors:Agriculture, livestock, forests, mines, water, power, industrial production, construction, trade, tourism, transport and telecommunication and others. He also promised soft conditions to investors under his government’s economic policy.
: Dear Humayun, you’re a mason and do your work diligently and believe me your earning is legitimate than anyone in the world. If I become the president of Afghanistan, I will strive hard to develop your profession and make you enable to educate your children for a better and prosperous tomorrow. Hilal says, during my government, the entire sectors generating revenue will be developed, put an end to corruption and raise the salaries of working class. I will leave no stone unturned to bring economic prosperity.
We have tangible programmesto build dams. You know such kinds of planning and survey needs the assistance of international community. To ensure water provision, we will start discussions with donors.