Amin Miankhel, 28, resident of Baghlan, says: “I’m graduated from the agriculture faculty and jobless for the last one year despite several attempts. I am not given job because they want my experience. Most of Afghans are faced with poverty, hunger and joblessness.” How you deal with this entire situation if you win?
Abdullah says unemployment is a great threat to the country and its citizens. My government would employ all the available resources to generate employment opportunities. He said his plans include development of economy, fighting against unemployment and launching of long term and basic projects which would help remove the economic disparity of our people.
Creation of job opportunities: - Creation of more job opportunities for youth. - Provision of opportunities for youth in political, social and cultural fields. - Establishment of cultural and social centres and improvement of youth’s knowledge and awareness. - Provision of services for citizens irrespective of their political, cultural and language background.
To alleviate poverty and create jobs, Ahmadzai stressed the need for a stable government, saying his government would introduce transparent and judicious economic policies and strive to give jobs to eligible persons. Good governance needed effective economic policies and economic growth needed decent environment and a sustainable economic growthrequired consensus among stakeholders and jobs creation was possible with continued efforts.
Hilal says he is sure implementations of above mentioned suggestions will generate more employment opportunities but he says that following steps will go a long way to resolve chronic problems of poverty and unemployment. • The vital agriculture sectors needs to be developed on advance lines. • Construction of large and small factories. • Rehabilitation of Gulbahar, Pul-i-Khumri and Bagrami garment factories. • Restructuring of Spinzar Company in Kunduz and enhancement of cotton industry and its import. • Encouraging investment in Afghanistan • Construction of dams and canals in the country. • Extraction of crude oil in the north of the country. • Attraction of foreign investment in mines sector and offering better investment opportunity for foreign as well as local investors. • Development of handicraft sector. • Eliminating of corruption from government departments, which will attract foreign investment.
I really feel unhappy to see the rising unemployment rate in Afghanistan. Iwish we create more and more opportunities for the deserved people. Reduction of poverty and exploring job opportunities are included in our program. We do our best to develop the capacity of the government and private sector to adjust more people. We work together with youth to create opportunities. We will distribute job opportunities fairly. The economic condition of our people is not good. But justice can also prevent extremism. We try to create job in boththe private and public sectors.