Mohammad Shoaib, 38, resident of Laghman says: “The prices of our agriculture products remain low whenever we harvest them. Foreign countries keep our agriculture products in cold storages and warehouses, but when we export the same products then we buy that on higher prices. During the past one decade, our government failed to build cold storages or warehouses for our agro products.” What will be your priorities to modernize our old agriculture sector?
Agro and livestock are the most important sectors and main economic pillar of our country, he said, adding strategies have been finalized to develop both the sectors by introducing latest and advanced technologies. Moreover, balance between import and export would be brought which will help multiply our agriculture products.
7. Agriculture: - Focusing on domestic production. - Provision of improved seeds and fertilizers for farmers. - Taking measures to promote modern agricultural activities. - Construction and expansion of cold storages in all provinces and - Supporting private sector and provision of required agricultural facilities.
Dr. Ashraf Ghani said they would do their bit to develop agriculture and livestock sector. He said foreign investment would be encouraged to help expand agriculture and equip dairy industry with technology and latest machinery. The devastation of arable lands would be prevented and market for agricultural products explored, Ghani said. He said land disputes would be resolved on emergency basis in order to ensure speedy development of the agriculture sector.
Hilal acknowledges the agro sector is facing with multiple problems. Following initiatives will be taken to improve the old agro sector: • We need to develop establish factories which will better utilize the local fresh fruits. • Cold storages need to be built in a move to protect fruits fresh for long. • The farmers need to get refined with low prices to bolster crops. • There is dire need of construction fertilizers factories inside Afghanistan. • Also, there is need to introduce latest machineries in the agriculture sector and to build dams and canals to generate electricity and improve the decades old irrigation system. • There is space to construct small and big dams in the country which will enable Afghanistan to become self sufficient. • Saffron cultivation needs to be enhanced in a move to discourage opium crops. • The olive orchards of Nangarhar province should be developed and factories should be established in the province to enhance production of olive oil.
I agree with you that agriculture is the important economic source of our country. Afghanistan is an agricultural country. We will take steps to modernize our agriculture sector. It will take years to overhaul the vital agricultural sector but we will start work from the scratch to bolster the sector. Farmers should be extended with needed assistance as how to utilize land. Proper irrigation water should be provided with quality fertilizers and agricultural pests. By adopting revolutionary measures in the agriculture sector, we will create more jobs and export our products to other countries.