Shakila, 40, resident of Kabul, says: “Health services in Kabul hospitals are being provided on the basis of either money or nepotism.” What is your plan to provide all Afghans with equal health services? What will be your priorities if you win the presidential elections?
It is established fact that improved health sector guarantees future of a better nation. A healthy population can better contribute to the progress and development of a country, the presidential contender said.Corruption will not be tolerated in health sector and better health facilities will be provided to masses once he is elected as president.
Healthcare services: - Facilitate access to basic and modern healthcare services. - Enhance emergency treatment centres in Kabul and provinces. - Monitoring and prevention of expired and low quality medicines. - Taking measures for prevention of mortality ratre - Increment of female healthcare staff in provinces and districts.
Under the Constitution,Ashraf Ghani said the government must provide the people with basic health and education facilities. “Similarly, we need female doctors and steps to control child mortality rate,” said Ghani, adding he would equip hospitals with modern facilities to improve the public health sector.
Afghanistan direly needs Turkey’s assistance in a move to better educate the poverty-stricken Afghan nation, said Hilal. • We need to develop the health sector by releasing more funds to established hospitals and developing new healthcare centers in the far-flung areas of the country. • The government run hospitals should be provided with advanced facilities because most people cannot afford to go to private sector hospitals. • The government-run medicine manufacturing factories such as HOCHST should be reestablished. • The next government should provide subsidies to health sector and more funds be released in the annual budget for health sector.
should have good and equal health opportunitiesand healthcare services. If I win, Iwill give more importance to healthcare services. We will monitor free healthcare services in the country. Physicians, clinics and public hospitals will be assigned to discharge free services for Afghans with good quality. Accessibility todoctors and medicines is the right of every citizen.