Amanullah Babukerkhel, 65, resident of Aqtash village of Khan Abad district in Kunduz province, says: “I want all Afghans to get united irrespective.” What is your idea to share power and reconciliation with armed opponents and with special reference Taliban? Also, how will you deal with human rights violators and war criminals?
Peace talks will evolve by keeping national interests supreme. Peace negotiations can change hatred into friendship. In this regard, we will steps for trust building but will build pressure on opponents to keep national interests aloft. The best way is to discuss issues in the light of country’s constitution and pave ground for their durable solutions.
In order to ensure peace by reaching an agreement, we demand all parties to hold negotiations by accepting the constitution of Afghanistan. We want all and sundry to preserve government’s achievements and cut relationship with terrorists groups.
The former finance minister said only public representatives could pull the country out of crises, saying his government would invite everyone to share views and play their part in bringing about peace and stability to the homeland. Ghani also called on the Taliban to convey their opinionson developinga national consensus. In his government, individuals violatinglaws and committing inhuman acts would be dealt with an iron fist.
: I want the Afghan peace process should be Afghan-driven without any foreign interference. However, it is the responsibility of foreigners to provide financial and moral support and accept the outcome of peace talks, he added. How peace could be implemented: • Taliban and Hizb-e-Islami (HIA) should be given the opportunity to take part in government and nation building. • An independent judicial commission should be formed for trail of war lords and criminals who are involved in killing of innocent Afghans. • Human rights violation should be considered a serious crime and those who violated human rights should be awarded exemplary punishment.
2. The constitution of Afghanistan has guaranteed contribution of all Afghans to the country’s administration and politics. If Taliban and other groups demand halt to fight and want to contribute to the nation and country’s building then I will prefer negotiations with them. During the course of my talks with any group, I will make their demands public as to what they want from Afghans. There are noobstacles in the way of anti-government forces if they accept Afghanistan’s constitution. Every Afghan should participate in reconstruction of his/ her country. In our government,there will no room for human rights violation and those who will involve in such cases will be tried as per law of the land.