Sami Mohammadi, 20, resident of Mazar-i-Sharif, says: “Youth are a big capital for the country. Youth need to be motivated because the war-battered country needs their active support. Regretfully, the government does not pay any attention to better educate them as most of them are jobless.” What will be your youth policy if you succeed in the elections? What kinds of sports facilities will you provide to them?
Dr. Abdullah says youth are the back bone of any society.We will strive to generate employment opportunities and extend peaceful environment of education to our youth. His government would strive hard to utilize human resource for the prosperity of the country. He says youth would be given equal participation in the economic development, strengthening security, opportunities for higher education and providing them with vocational training skills. We will extend all possible resources to implement our promises with the young generation of Afghanistan, he promised.
Prioritized youth programmes: - Provision of opportunities for youth to enable them to take part in nation and country building. - Provision of job opportunities for youth based on their expertise and experience in the public and privates sectors. - Strengthening of sport institutions for youth.
Ashraf Ghani saidthe youth made a majority of Afghanistan’s population and their frustrations would be resolved. He expressed his concern over falling a large number of youth into the hands of militants due to unemployment. He said saving the youth from the catastrophe needed jobs creation and the development ofthe sports sector. His government would construct new sport venues to help promote various games such as cricket, football and others. The new grounds would help hunt talent to represent the country on international level.
Hilal says youth are the strength of any society and we will extend all out support to our youth to get advance and quality education. It is the responsibility of any government to provide its younger generation with quality education and introduce advance technology in the education sector. In addition, sport is another field to be provided for youth. And the government should encourage youngsters to participate in national and international sports events. Hilal says, our cricket, football and volleyball players have gained international recognition and during my government authorities would be advised to construct new sports complex and stadiums for the development of sport in the country. Our youths are energetic and enthusiastic and are competent as well.
Our youthis our country’s asset. We wantyoung people to be involved in social, economicand political activities. We have programs, from education to job, inside and outside the country for them.