WalwalaTanha, resident of Kandahar, says: “Women face greater insecurity and on the other hand they are trapped in traditional limitations. Families do not allow women to work in government or private sectors. Women rights’ are being trampled and they cannot choose their life partner. They are deprived of their right of property. Women are behaved like a tool. Several cases of women rights violations took place during current year.” What will be your policy to ensure women rights and improve their lives?
It is the duty and responsibility of the government to ensure protection of citizens’ rights particularly the deprivedclass and neglected class of society. Dr. Abdullah vows that violationof women rights will never be tolerated. He says strict measures will be taken to overcome the problem. My government will extend assistance to the far-flung areas of the country to ensure safety and protection of women rights.
Policy to protect of women rights: - Support of equal rights for women in accordance with the Afghan constitution and Islamic Sharia. - Provision of healthcare facilities for women. - Decreasing the women mortality rate and - Backing international conventions for eradication of violence against women.
Expressing his views about woman, Ghani said he has a clear policy in this regard, calling females an important part of the society. He said women played the role of a mother, sister, daughter and wife and they condemn any form of violence committed against women. He said Afghan women were gifted with multiple skills and they would be provided proper environment to play their role in the country’s progress. He would guide the Ministry of Women Affairs into strictly following women’s affairs and evolving strategies on improving their situation. “We will make available extraordinary health and education facilities for our women and a peaceful environment for their movements and works.” Ghani also promised to enhance women’s skills through vocational training programmes.
Hilal says Islam has given ample rights to women but in our society, women are deprived from those rights and in some cases their rights are trampled. Islam has ensured protection of women and they have share in property, dowry and moral rights. Un Islamic teachings, woman have rights to get education, Hilal says, that a woman can become a competent teacher, doctor, nurse, engineer, scientist and lawyer to serve the society alongside their male compatriots. He says his government would strive hard to provide women their rights explained by the Islamic Sharia and would introduce laws which would help prevent violation of women rights in the future.
We will strive hard to ensure protection of womenrights, which is among our top priorities. We will establishsound work environment in government offices and create awareness among people about women rights. Among our agenda included prevention of violence against women. We want women to get involved in social activities and decision making. Their legal difficulties should be removed.