Hazrat Gul Mohammadi, resident of Jarm district of Badakhshan, says: “Demining continues in the area by influential and smugglers without any legal authorization. During the past decade, the government did not pay heed to tap natural resources. If the mining sector gets government attention then it will help bolster national economy and create job opportunities for locals. Illegal demining is underway in various areas.” What are your plans with regard of mining sector? How will you make sure to control environmental problems?
Illegal extraction of mines is a crime and we will not allow the state treasury and natural reserves to be excavated illegally. Stringent measures are needed to prevent the unauthorized extraction of mines and bring everything under government control, he added. Following steps will be taken in order to control environment pollution such as implementation of relevant law, developing culture of cleanliness and creating awareness about environment among the masses. We need to build education institution to educate people about environmental issues.
Utilizing mines for national interest of Afghanistan requires transparent management system. Therefore, efforts will be made to persuade most of the mining companies to agree to export the mineral deposits subsequent to purification and process inside the Afghanistan. 1-Therefore, for mines that are extracted without lengthy purification processes such as precious stones that are polished, designed and decorated into standard jewelry in Afghanistan, we have specific plans that could channel 3 to 5 hundred million US dollar into Afghanistan. 2- Mines that are smuggled or exported from Afghanistan in crude form or prior to purification, based on our plan would be purified in Afghanistan through transparent investment and would then be prepared for export. 3-The vast natural reserves that require long-term plans for extraction and process, would be extracted and produced based on better financial management processes to envision and transfer Afghanistan into an industrial state. Afghanistan based on such strategic programs will step into becoming industrial and pave the way for sustained economic development. This will be the phase, where with fundamental economic and social changes; Afghanistan will open a new chapter for growth and stability not only in itself, but the entire region.
12. Mining policy: - Establishment of a special institution for exploration and extraction of mines. - Put an end to illegal mining. - Export of mines to intentional market through railway. - Recruitment of technical staff in mining sector. - Capacity building of minors through recruitment of international experts. - Establishment of storage facilities for processing of raw minerals.
: Dr. Ashraf Ghani vowed to bring about revolutionary changes in the mining and industrial sector. He said mining would be made transparent and the industrial sector strengthened. In addition, he said, problems concerning the infrastructure sector would be addressed and steps taken to protect the environment and firmly tackle challenges posed by the climate change.
Afghanistan is bestowed with large scale natural resources, however, its excavation needs legalization and professional individuals to explore and extract them without harming the environment. The mining of natural resources is difficult without the involvement of professional and skilled manpower. The rich mining sector of Afghanistan can provide thousands of jobs opportunities to Afghans and could strengthen the war-hit economy of our country. • Introducing laws with regard of natural resources and the ownership of state and halt the interference of other authority from mining. • Building of separate university to train students with the help of latest technology in mining sector. • Extraction of 10 to 20 million tons coal as reserve energy which would help in processing of other natural resources such as iron, copper and the industrial sector. In addition, it can be exported to neighbouring countries as well. • The production of three million tons would replace fire wood. • The construction of coal plant would help produce low rate electricity. • The construction of railway line from coal mine zones to the iron mine zones would multiply economic activities. • Establishment of training center in each province would help train professional individuals in the mining sector. • Training and creation of special security forces would protect the mine sites for greater investment.
Natural resources are state assets which need to be extracted in a legal and professional way. Illegal extraction of mines in an unprofessional way creates environmental problems. People of a particular area have the rights to get benefit from revenue generated from their area.
12. We will try to control illegal mining. When we talk about rule of law, we talk about a government which should have its writ. I am sure bolstered law and order and better security will prevent irregularities. With rule of law, a powerful government will be established and powerful government control powerful individuals. We will make sure that mines are not extracted illegally. The capital Kabul has been affected because of environmental pollution. We should work to protect environment. Coordination of ministers and municipalities is important for cleanenvironment. The people should contribute to protect the environment.