Mohammad Rahim, an Afghan refugee living in Peshawar, says: “He is fed up with refugee life. On the one hand I am trying to earn a livelihood for my family while on the other police continuously harassing me. If I go to my country, what will I do there? I do not have property in my home country while security is also not better there.” What is your plan to tackle refugee issue or their repatriation? How will you help settle refugees in Afghanistan?
Abdullah says proper plan would be worked out for the repatriation of Afghan refugees. My country still needs financial, legal and diplomatic supports to resolve multiple challenges being faced by the country. The protection of Afghan refugees is our top priority particularly the children and young generation of the country, he said, promising that refugees’rights would be safeguarded and protected in the light of United Nations charter.
Refugees and repatriation programme: - Better opportunities will be provided for returning refugees. - Paving way for returning refugees, creation of job opportunities and provide them with land in their provinces. - Resolution of refugees’ problems with the cooperation of UNHCR. - Supporting of refugees’ rights in accordance with national and international law. - Provision of facilities for Afghan refugees in the host countries to resolve their legal cases.
Repatriation and settlement of returnees is our priority and steps would be taken in this regard in coordination with neighboring countries, said Ghani. It is the responsibility of the government to look after Afghan citizens living in other countries and safeguard their interests there, he added, promising every step that ends up in economic prosperity of repatriates.
Ensuring peace and stability is my top priority. We should help our refugees to return in a respected way and we will provide them with settlement and jobs in the country. In a phased development, I will prefer to develop the agriculture, mining and investment sectors which will bring fast-paced development to the country.
The refugees issue is of immense importance. A great number of our countrymen have returned back. The ministry of refugees and repatriation has assisted them and distributed residential land among refugees.You know that a large number of our people migrated to other countries and now their repatriation needs wide ranging measures to accommodate them. The government is responsiblefor provision of houses and employment to them. Our countrymen should come and the next government will not leave the refugees alone.