Asadullah, 32, resident of Helmand province, says: “Fighting continues to spiral for over three decades. I don’t know when it will come to an end. Afghans are being killed on one or another pretext.” How will you help Afghans unite and ensure peace in the country?
A comprehensive strategy has been chalked out to maintain lasting peace and stability. An inclusive plan regarding durable peace in the country has been explained in our national program but following are some salient features for peace and tranquility in the country: • Talks will be held with opponents simultaneously by strengthening country’s defense and security. • Ensuring good governance. • Fighting and uprooting administrative corruption. • Striving to create job opportunities. • Building economic infrastructure. • Boosting trust on judiciary. • Improving cultural entities. • Endeavoring for maintaining social justice.
Peace and security are the two phenomena that haunt people of Afghanistan. Peace is only possible when all warring parties reach an agreement. We strive hard to strengthen Afghan Supreme Councils, ensure rule of law, and to spend resources on people’s welfare.
Front-line presidential runner Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadi said a legitimate government can ensure the rule of law and good governance and called for duties and responsibilities of security organs to be told apart. “The police are not supposed to fight battles, theyshould enforce laws.The army should protect the national territorial integrity and sovereignty, for which it would be equipped and trained professionally.” Ghani said there should a system involving awards and punishments for the Afghan National Army (ANA), police and National Directorate of Security (NDS). Under the Constitution, he said the president being the armed forces commander-in-chief should be updated on overall security situation in the country after every eight hours. The president should have frequent meetings with security chiefs to strengthen consensus among them on short and long-term security policies, he said.
Hilal says durable peace is prime demand of Afghans and my government will utilize all the available resources to ensure peace and tranquility in the country. My government will demonstrate extraordinary efforts to make the entire Afghanistan a peaceful country. As per my plans to initiate peace process, appropriate demands of armed opposition groups will be accepted keeping in mind Islamic teachings and national interest of the country.
1. Of course, I agreewith you in flight is ongoing among Afghans. The tragedy is that the fighting inflicts men and material lossesand subsequently hampers development and reconstruction as well. It is our priority to divulge factors fomenting fight in the country ravaged by decades of war.Indubitably, oppression, unemployment and rampant cases of land grabbing are among factors leading to fight. Our government should focus to address the factors that lead parties to fight against each other. We have multidimensional strategies to settle domestic, regionaland internationalproblems which will be applied at the right time. In the field of defense, military doctrine of our government focuseson legitimate defense. I am sure insurgents will stop fighting with the new government. It must be made clear that fight with those sabotaging the country’s infrastructure willcontinue.