KANDAHAR (PAN): Though Kandahar did not receive development budget for the last five years, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities are underway in the province in the wake of support extended by the donor agencies, officials said. 
In his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News, Kandahar Governor Toryalai Wessa said that the Ministry of Finance has though allocated $35 million in terms of development budget for the province in 2011, the amount however, yet to be released. He expressed optimism that $85 million budget allocated in 2013 would be spent on development projects by the provincial council without further delay.
Noting with satisfaction, Wessa said that the improvement of security situation prompted people to demand more projects to be launched elsewhere in the province. He said that authorities have been striving to meet the growing demands of the people for more projects from the donor agencies.
The donor agencies have donated around $29 million in 2011 for launching of development projects, which was used in executing long and short-term projects in the provincial capital and districts of the province, he added.
“During the current fiscal year, multiple development projects including roads construction, water dams, water canals, schools, health care centers, promoting of agro sector and construction of various buildings of government departments brought some sort of tangible and positive changes in people’s lives,” Wessa added.
Economic Department Head Mohammad Rahim Rahimi said they have chalked out a five-year development plan for the province, which were unleashed in 2007 and ended up in 2011.
He said the five-year development plan includes as many as 175 projects, adding that some of the projects would yet get implemented.
Of the $30 million development budget allocated for the province in 2012, at least $29 million was provided jointly by the provincial administration and donor agencies while $1 million more was allocated for the province, Rahimi said.
Roads that were damaged because of multiple reasons, are being reconstructed, said Abdul Mohammad Ihsan. He went on to say that 10 kilometers of the 200 kilometers paved roads are needed to be rehabilitated.
He admitted that substandard material and overloaded vehicles were the main reasons behind the damaging of paved roads. He noted that uncountable contracts are being changed hands for fifth and sixth times.
He said that construction of second line road besides the road linking Kandahar city with the airport is yet to be built. He said that public works department is of the opinion that delays in funds causing delay in completion of projects.
Hectic work to pave Khurawak- Spinboldak road would be launched soon, he said, adding that the 90 kilometer long road passes through mountainous areas. The project would fund by the ministry of public works at a cost of $75 million, he said.
Kandahar Airport Incharge Ahmadullah Faizi said that multiple projects are initiated at the airport worth $7,935 million since last Afghan calendar year. The schemes, he said includes construction of parking for planes, terminal, installation of biometric, and scanner machines.
 Faizi went on to say that the concerned ministry has pledged to set up fire station, oil stores inside Kandahar Airport with building of entrance gate in line with international standard. Director Irrigation Department Eng. Sher Mohammad Attayee said that survey and design of Dahli Dam have been completed with its construction work would be kicked off in the next few months. 
He informed the project includes raising the dam’s walls, building of six other dams including the Dahli Dam having the entry and exit gates.  
The project costs $254 million where $50 million would be provided by the Ministry of Finance while rest of the amount would disburse by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Attayee added.
The completion of the projects would jack-up the capacity of Dahil Dam, irrigate agriculture land and gardens in Kandahar city and districts with ushering an era of progress and development for the two million population of the province, he remarked.
Dawa Khan Minapal, director information and culture department said that 26 historic sites and 406 artifacts are in dilapidated condition in the province.
He said the saga of grabbing land near the historical locations continue unchecked, adding that influential land grabbers carry out construction work on the land without fear of law.
He went on to say that eleven historical sites are rehabilitated last year while rests of the sites need to be rebuilt. He said that there are no facilities to keep the aircrafts safe.
Director Education Department Sher Agha Sapai said that most of the schools have no proper buildings with some of the buildings are damaged because of civil war. He said that around 70% schools have no buildings.
Currently, construction work on 22 projects is underway with the extended support of the UNICEF, he said, adding that seven of the projects would be inaugurated in a couple of days. As many as nine contract companies, which are designated to build school buildings, would yet receive funds.
The agriculture and livestock sector of the province witnesses tangible progress because of the establishment of agriculture and livestock institute with the help of Canada and ministries of rural rehabilitation, education, agriculture, irrigation, and livestock at a cost of $5.4 million.
Eng. Ahmad Shah Roshan, director agriculture and livestock said the completion of the project took two years. He said the institute’s building comprised 36 classrooms for male and female, a hostel, dining room, technical workshops, playground, and a mosque.
He said India is planning to construct a mega agro university in Kandahar Province, saying survey and design of the project have already been completed.
Officials from rural rehabilitation and development department said they would again launch the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) in Arghandab, Dand, Takhta Pul, and Daman Districts in the backdrop of improvement in security situation.
Over the last eight years, the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development has implemented 554 projects under the national solidarity projects at the cost of over $ 26 million in the province.
Meanwhile, Provincial Council Head Haji Syed Jan Khakrezal said no mega project is executed in the province during the last years. He said that a handful of projects were initiated, which could not benefit the public. He said that he held wide ranging meetings with officials in Kabul in that connection but it did not yield any positive outcome.
“Many projects such as roads and dug wells are executed in our village but concerned officials yet to pay attention to resolve problems confronted by the poverty- stricken masses,” he said.
Daud Khan, administrative head of Ghorak said that people of his area need paved road linking the town with Kandahar city and buildings for district headquarters and schools.
Rahmatullah, a resident of Mianshin District said that after purging the area of rebels, authorities miserably failed to initiate any development projects except of a lone health care centre.
He said that authorities placed two containers, which are being used as health care centers while proper buildings could not be built so far. He complained that the temporary health care facilities could not meet the growing demand of health facilities of the residents.