146- Haji Agha Jan Sayedi
Elected from: Kapisa, Votes: 3574
Haji Agha Jan Sayedi son of Sayed Muhammad is born in 1957 in Kohistan District of Kapisa Province. In 1980, he completed his early primary education at Sanji School in Kapisa and then joined the Mujahideen ranks during the Soviet- Afghan war. In the wake of Soviet era in Afghanistan, he had his own business in a motor vehicles’ industry. During the Taliban rule, he worked under Ahmad Shah Massoud in the capacity as deputy commander in Kapisa province and later got promotion to the rank of general in Masoud’s forces. He served as deputy commander of the sixth division in Kapisa during the transitional government. Sayedi is known to be affiliated with Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan, the organization he joined in 1979. Sayedi’s mother language is Pashaee but he fluently speaks Dari and Pashto.
147- AlhajMirdad Khan Nijrabi
Elected from: Kapisa, Votes: 10199
Alhaj Mirdad Khan Nijrabi son of Alhaj Abdul Nabi is born in 1964 in Najrab District, Kapisa Province. In 1989, he completed his secondary education at the Ghulam Haidar Khan High School in Kabul. He secured his bachelor degree in Law and Politics from Kabul University in 2008. Currently, he is studying his master degree in politics from the Islamic Azad University in Kabul. Nijrabi has been a member of Afghanistan Lawyers Foundation since 2008. He also discharged his duties at the Ministry of Interior. He served in the Afghan National Police and discharged his duties as deputy to the security commander of Kabul for over 20 years. His mother language is Dari but Nijrabi is fluent in speaking Pashto, Arabic, and English. 
148- TahiraMujadidi
Elected from: Kapisa, Votes: 1464
Tahira Mujadidi, daughter of Ghulam Nasruddin is born in 1963 in the Kohistan District of Kapisa. Mujadidi completed her secondary education at the Ishter Gram High School of Kapisa province in 1975 and then won her diploma from the Kapisa Teacher’s Training Center in 2005. She served in an NGOs and worked as master trainer with the Constitutional Rights Foundation between 2003 and 2009. She served as a teacher during and after the Taliban period in high schools in Kapisa. She is also worked in the Department of Education in Kapisa for more than 31 years. She discharged her duties as an administrative assistant and a department manager. Mujadidi participated in the Constitutional Loya Jirga representing Kapisa province in 2003. Though her mother language is Dari but she speaks Pashto and English as well. 
149- Eng. Muhammad Iqbal Safi
Elected from: Kapisa, Votes: 6641
Eng. Muhammad Iqbal Safi son of SayedAqa was born in 1969 in central Kapisa Province. Safi completed his primary education in Ghazni at the Muhammad Ayub Khan Mina Schoolthen graduated from Nadirya High School in Kabul in 1985. He studied at the Kabul Air Force Academy and graduated in 1987. Safi is a former Jihadi commander. He was in charge of the financial affairs of the Mujahideen front in Kapisa province. During the Mujahideen government of the 1990s, he managed the office of Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Safi was elected to parliament in 2005. Safi speaks Dari as well as Pashto and English.
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