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برخى باشنده هاى پنجشير از کارکرد شوراى ولايتى رضايت ندارند

PARAKH (Pajhwok): Some residents of central Panjshir province say despite initial optimism the provincial council has failed to deliver on promises and render satisfactory services.
The result from the April 5 provincial council elections was announced after a seven-month delay due to the deadlocked presidential vote.
Based on the results, Maulvi Syed Yahya Anabi, Mullah Mohammad Faizi, Wahidullah Dajhkohi, Najibullah Yaqubi, Azmuddin Mirzaee, Abdul Samad Sultani, Qalandar Khan Bahaduri, Rahela Ataee, and Wida Saeedi won seats on the Panjshir council.
Yaqubi, Mirzaee, Sultani, Bahaduri and Ataee are new faces while the others are reelected.
Some residents say most of the members are youth and they had been hopeful the young representatives would perform well. But several months in office, their performance has not been satisfactory, the residents say.
Fateh Mohammad Qudusi, a resident of the Anaba district and a civil society activist, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “The performance of the provincial council has not been remarkable since they were sworn in. We haven’t seen anything they did for Panjshir or its residents.”
He said the public representatives should have urged high government officials to build schools, health clinics, roads and other welfare and development projects.
Mohammad Asghar, a student, said: “The provincial council has not worked as much as people needed.”
“They always think about their gatherings and meetings. Their monitoring right has been reinstated, but it seems they haven’t utilised that authority. You can see how much problems people have,” the 23-year-old said.
The national assembly once barred the provincial councils from evaluating the performance of local departments.
In response, the councils went on a countrywide strike until a presidential decree restored their evaluation right.
Asghar continued: “When people vote you to power, then they expect work from you no matter if less but honestly.”
Haji Abdul Qudus, a local elder in the Hissa Doem district, said the now PC members would visit their homes on a daily basis during their election campaign.
He said their campaign promises included construction of roads and others, but they did nothing since taking office.
He added people needed roads and healthcare centres because in his locality there existed only one clinic more than 700 families.
“I swear we won’t vote for these candidates next time if they come to our village during elections.”
Rahela Attaee, the provincial council deputy head, however, told Pajhwok Afghan News the council was part of the emergency relief committee during winter avalanches and had taken part in relief efforts.
“The council has played a significant role in all spheres. In some cases we have resolved tribal disputes and refugees’ problems,” she added.

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