KABUL (Pajhwok): A presidential candidate, Latif Pedram on Thursday after launching his electioneering said he would change the structure of the government if he won the election.
Latif Pedram, one of the 18 presidential candidates launched his election campaign today.
So far, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah, Rahmatullah Nabil, Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, Sayed Noorullah Jalili, Mohammad Shahab Hakimi, Mohammad Ibrahim Alokozay and Ahmad Wali Massoud launched their electioneering since last 18 days when the process begun.
Pedram criticized the government and said the term of the current administration was ended and it lost its legitimacy.
He said he would change the government system and create Islamic federal government if he won the ballot.
He said he would divide the structure of the country to federal zones and would give people authority to manage their economic, social and military issues in their administrations.
“No ethnic group would get damaged in the system we suggest, it would maintain the rights of all tribes,” he said.
Pedram said people of each area would ensure their own local security if he wins the poll.
“I will hand over the security responsibility to local people because they know better about their own areas and they can better defend themselves, it is not a good idea when a soldier from Kandahar province is deployed to Badakhshan to fight,” he said.
He said that he would recognize all languages like in Swiss so all the people would be able to speak their own languages.
He said he would prefer social economy market instead of open economy market. “The economic system would be also take a federal shape, in this system, workers would get their salaries and would have a share in factory productions,” he said.
“It is our plan that 60 percent of income of a province would be used in the own province and the rest would be transferred to other regions with lower incomes, it would ensure balanced development, we are against partition because it creates problems for our people,” he said.
About his foreign policy, Pedram said, “We have no claim on territory with Pakistan, the Durand Line is a recongnized border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, we should create shared markets instead of claims over territory, recognize the borders and people of the two countries travel without passports,”
He said that he would try to have friendly relations with all countries, particularly regional countries.
About the 100th Independence Day of Afghanistan, he said, “Independence of the country is a principle for us and we would not deal over it,”
Pedram said that merit would be a fundamental rule in his government and people in the government will be employed based on their qualifications.
 On peace, he said that the peace process should be prioritized but the method of negotiations should be specified and he would be ready for negotiations if the other party agrees with him on the federal system.
Pedram said education and healthcare services would be free of cost in his government.
About election, he said that Afghanistan was under occupation and election could not be transparent and inclusive in such a situation.


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